Tuesday, September 18

We're back.....

Hi Teams…

First of all, we would like to thanks Maxis for picking our proposal further to the next stage and giving a chance for us to run our show as well..

Big Thanks To MAXIS!!
U just Rocks Our Community!!!

This is the first time we are updating our blog since 1st of August 2007.
Frankly speaking, it was as if i could fly to the moon and back when I received the call from the Maxis Reps on the 31st August with the news telling us that our team was selected to progress to the 2nd phase of this competition.

Still finding it hard to register the good news into my system, I was shocked n surprised by the news and the feeling of walking on air hit me for a while.Things were looking a bit clearer to me. The sun was looking much brighter, the birds were chirping happily, the flowers seemed colourful and I could go on and on. It was our 1st time joining such a competition. With this renewed spirit we decided to give it our full commitment and we are determine to give our best shot in our project. Thank God for His blessing and we would also like to thank the organizer, Maxis Bridging Communities for organizing such a competition which blends together our community, with information communication and technology. With a competition such as this, we hope that it will lead us together building a developed country and get united in facing future challenges.

We’re actually new in blogging. Generally, I didn't know much about blogs until I was told by Encik Dasuki, Pegawai Unit Projek Pembangunan PPAP about the Maxis CyberlinQ Competition and he asked whether if I was interested in joining. Well, I said that I loved to try. After a discussion with Puan Rosmawatee, our IT Officer at PPAP, we than agreed to go for turtles conservation campaign as our community project. Its been a hard day for us to explore and develop a blog that can represent our team and our project. After lots and lots of trial and error, we managed to create one.

In keeping to our goal and mission to succeed, our team has to make sure lots of thing were well prepared to handle this luvly community programme. There are a lot of infos about our subject that we think should be revealed so we can expand those knowledge through our blog which we think that everyone should learn especially about the planets environment through sea turtles. We are also in the process of finding sponsors to make our project more successful due to our rising budget. Now we’re to get those needed to fulfill our mission. Till then see u around...

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