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Monday, November 5

To Our Generations...

A Heritages to Our Generations

Anybody who spends much time thinking about the environment knows that population is a major driving force behind the unraveling of our Earth’s land, freshwater and ocean ecosystems. With all my joy, I’ve felt some twinges of guilt today. Am I part of the problem, rather than part of the solution? Maybe yes, maybe not. Certainly loving it is a way that we can celebrate our life, and love for our friends, our wife and our family and also others lives in this world..... Make it a better place for all.

Seeing this tiny little creatures, so dependent and innocent, doesn't it make us want to do more to protect the Earth. Nowadays, most of the oceans are still filled with life. Our Turtles, Orang utan, Sumatran Tigers and other endangered populations were in danger. Now their population have become rare. Everywhere we look, everything has changed due to fullfill human needs. Without any precautions from us and if we do not start from now, nothing will be left for our next generations..

Billions more of us humans, with every person wanting more and being able to get it, have drained the seas of life.So we have a fervent hope: When our sons and daughter is growing up, we want to take them fishing and snorkeling so they can marvel at the life in the seas. When they are kids, we want them to experience fishing by themselves and take them out to clear waters filled with kelps and corals, fishes and see sea turtles. When they have come to the age we are now, and we’re all long gone, we want them to take comfort in knowing that the oceans are, once again, filled with life, as they were decades, centuries and millennia ago. And we want them to know that whatever we did in substantial measure was solely for them, and the billions of other people who need healthy oceans filled with diverse, abundant, beautiful marine life.

By loving and celebrating our nature, by protecting it and together helping our generations become a good citizen, our country is gonna be well preserved.
Determined to be the biggest part of the solution that we can be, it has inspired us to fight harder to protect and recover the oceans that we love, so that, one day, they might love them too.

~ the world is in our hand ~

Big Thanxs To:

Maxis Bridging Communites

''for making such a brilliant and innitiatives competitions''

YB Dato' Haji Faisal Bin Haji Abdullah, DIMP.,AMN.,PPN.,PJK.

''for generously sponsoring & also participating in our programme''

Cherating Sanctuary Centre

''for so supportive and helpfull in making our programme so happening''

Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Pahang

''without u guys, this might not happened''

Sekolah Menengah Sungai Baging & Sekolah Kebangsaan Cherating

''for participating & enliven our programmed''

The Legend Beach Resort & Impiana Hotel Cherating

'' for your generousity sponsoring in our programme''

Cherating Local Community


to all wonderfull person that helped,

'' in making our programme so successfull''

last words from us...

''hopefully our 1st step is not stopped here

& it will be continuosly done in future''


Thursday, November 1



Around 6.45 pm, all the participants including , YB Dato’ Haji Faisal Bin Abdullah, led by Tuan Haji Karim were heading to the beachside to perform the highlight of our programme event which is to release newly hatched baby turtles to the sea. 70 baby turtles is about to continue their legacy after surviving on shore. Now they gonna face another trial in life which is to grow up and survive in the sea before coming back to Cherating beachside area to lay their eggs. Hopefully, all of them will make it through and manage to come back here again.

All the participants seemed thrilled and enjoyed themselves because they actually got the chance to hold a baby turtles. It seemed as everyone were not giving any chances to the others in order to have one and release the turtles by themselves to the sea. Even though we were at the beach it seemed like we were at wet market a day before Hari Raya trying to buy chicken. Everyone were pushing each others trying to get one with Tuan Haji Karim. To make sure everyone got a chance to release the luvly little creatures, a turtles was shared by 2 or 3 persons. So everyone will get to feel the same experience..

Wow!!! Everything juz reminded me of my childhood. Seeing this thing made me wonder and thought of something. This event only happened in Cherating, Malaysia.
And because our country is an independent country, we’re free to do anything. Frankly speaking, as a project advisor in this mission, I felt everything that I’ve been given to this project were so much worth it. After all the time and effort that I’ve given to run this programme, I felt so so much joy and self satisfied seeing this happen in front of my eyes. I know it not the perfect one, but i'm so happy and gratefull to handle such a memorable event in order to preserve my heritages, which also belongs to them as well.(i hopes they didn’t take those turtles home…hehehe)

YB Dato’ Haji Faisal Bin Abdullah started the event of releasing the turtles then followed by the other participants. Deputy Director of PPAP also did not miss the chance of taking pictures with baby turtles before releasing them back to their natural habitat. It's also a new experience for backpackers that hail all the way from Nottingham, England. They felt so lucky to have arrived in Cherating today and they also had a chance to release those turtles to the sea.

The best part came from the students of Sekolah Kebangsaan Cherating. They released the turtles to the sea but then took them back to the shore then released it again. It was so clamouroused. It shows that how excited they were, for the first time in their life handling and releasing baby turtles to the sea.Then we all took pictures to be kept as memories organizing the event in here. All the participants were slowly packing their stuff and heading home. The bus was ready for them at Cherating Turtles Sanctuary parking. Led by their teachers, all the school participant safely returned home. After solat Maghrib, we started packing our stuff, checking if theres a rubbish around, cleared the tables and stacking chairs. All were nicely done by 9.00 pm.
I felt so exhausted to the max, but still its so so worth it!!!!

''see u when i see u again guys''


Wednesday, October 31


The Arrival Of ADUN Kawasan Beserah
Our Programme Guest VIP, YB Dato’ Haji Faisal Bin Abdullah were arrived at around 6.00 pm. He was welcomed by Puan Hajjah Faridzah, Deputy Director of PPAP, Tuan Haji Karim, Cherating Sanctuary Centre Officer, and En Wan Mohamad Bin Wan Yusof Cherating Chief of Village to . Then he were introduced to others guest that participated in this event while going to the waiting hall. The ceremony then started by speeches by Puan Hajjah Faridzah, welcoming YB Dato’ to our event. Its followed by speeches by YB DAto’ himself. He then congratulated organiser for helding such an event and said that this programme should continuously held every year to create a better understanding and build a great community that aware in environmental issues and also in conservation on marine eco-system, especially for the younger new generations. After his speech, he then performed a certificate giving ceremony to the participant, to hotels and to Cherating Sanctuary Centre


After certificate giving ceremony, YB Dato’ Haji Faisal Bin Abdullah were welcomed to the tables to have a little refreshment.Then its followed by all the guest that we’ve been invited. What we got here for them. Its Laksa Terengganu guys..
Nick and Fenyn, backpackers from England also trying for the first time eating laksa.
I've told them its our local spaghetti.
Hopefully everyone including them gonna enjoyed it.

Tuesday, October 30

Maxis CyberlinQ Committe Representative

Maxis CyberlinQ Committe Representative were also in here during our event. It was En Faizal Azwan Anuar and Miss Shazliana who willing to travel all the way from Kuala Lumpur to monitored and also get participated as well in our event. We are so gratefull by their presence in Cherating Heritages event. After a short explanations about our programme and met with our Deputy Director, I take them to meet with Tuan Haji Karim. Then we go to the Cherating Sanctuary Information Centre to show them around and gives a little briefing and explaination on the functions of Cherating Turtles Sanctuary Centre. They said it was the first time they were here and hopefully its gonna be their lovely experienced in lifestime, seeing and enjoying this beautifull moment in Cherating.

this event were cancelled due to weather conditions. This event is blessed by the rain.Its not heavily rained but as organizer, we don’t want to take any risk by still run the beach clean-up activities coz those student might get a fever or ill and can’t go to school on the next day. For us, as long as they know our objectives, seeing and learned a new things in their lifes in our event, its juz fulfill our mission.

Monday, October 29


After trip to Information centre, all the participant getting back to waiting hall and get ready to perform asar prayer, which is also conducted by Tuan Haji Karim. For us, what we are trying to give in our programme is not only educations about turtles, the importants of marine eco-system and preservations towards a better lifes, we also learn that religious obligation is also important in order to to balances things in our life..

After asar prayer, all the participant were told to go to the hut besides the waiting hall for a refreshment. They then had their refreshment down at the places that we have been arranged for them.Whats on menu?? Bihun goreng with popia served with hot tea. Not only that, they can enjoyed it by the beach seems like they all were in picnic with their friends..

After a refreshment and a rest, all the participant gathered together to perform a clean up activities inside Cherating Sanctuary Centre. With the help from MPK, we slowly run the activities with programme participant.Theres not so many rubbish around here, but one of our objectives in this programme is to educate them about the importance of environment cleanliness in our lifes. To us, its also a part of education not only to them, but also to all the participant that joined todays programme.

Sunday, October 28


Everyone starts to pay attention when Tuan Haji Karim taking places in front to start the briefing and explanation.
At 2.50 pm, Tuan Haji Karim, as our speaker in this event, gonna brief and explain to all the participant in this event about Turtles, their habitats, their conservation effort and the important of marine eco-system to human. Sometimes he create a jokes to cheer up the crowd. He’s a really good in explaining things to participant and also very nice and funny speaker as well. All the participant shows good interest listening and asking question to our speaker showing that they really enjoying themselves that time. The briefing finish at 3.40 pm and all the participant were asking to go Cherating Turtles Information Centre for our next event.
All the participant were slowly walked toward Cherating Turtles Information Centre Building lead by Tuan Haji Karim and his staff.

Lead by Tuan Haji Karim and his staff, he then showing live leatherback and olive-ridley turtles here and newly hatches baby turtles, which is hatches around 3 days ago. He explained their circles of lifes more details, their diet and also showing other sea lifes creatures there including tortoise or tuntung species in Malaysia. The participant are amused with what they saw and started talking and trying to touch those living creatures. God know hows thrill and happy they are, seeing learning and feeling this beautiful creatures. Hopefully this is a new beginning to them to learn and explore more about their own heritages.The journey at Cherating Turtles Information Centre finished at around 4.15 pm that evening.