Tuesday, October 30

Maxis CyberlinQ Committe Representative

Maxis CyberlinQ Committe Representative were also in here during our event. It was En Faizal Azwan Anuar and Miss Shazliana who willing to travel all the way from Kuala Lumpur to monitored and also get participated as well in our event. We are so gratefull by their presence in Cherating Heritages event. After a short explanations about our programme and met with our Deputy Director, I take them to meet with Tuan Haji Karim. Then we go to the Cherating Sanctuary Information Centre to show them around and gives a little briefing and explaination on the functions of Cherating Turtles Sanctuary Centre. They said it was the first time they were here and hopefully its gonna be their lovely experienced in lifestime, seeing and enjoying this beautifull moment in Cherating.

this event were cancelled due to weather conditions. This event is blessed by the rain.Its not heavily rained but as organizer, we don’t want to take any risk by still run the beach clean-up activities coz those student might get a fever or ill and can’t go to school on the next day. For us, as long as they know our objectives, seeing and learned a new things in their lifes in our event, its juz fulfill our mission.

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