Monday, November 5

To Our Generations...

A Heritages to Our Generations

Anybody who spends much time thinking about the environment knows that population is a major driving force behind the unraveling of our Earth’s land, freshwater and ocean ecosystems. With all my joy, I’ve felt some twinges of guilt today. Am I part of the problem, rather than part of the solution? Maybe yes, maybe not. Certainly loving it is a way that we can celebrate our life, and love for our friends, our wife and our family and also others lives in this world..... Make it a better place for all.

Seeing this tiny little creatures, so dependent and innocent, doesn't it make us want to do more to protect the Earth. Nowadays, most of the oceans are still filled with life. Our Turtles, Orang utan, Sumatran Tigers and other endangered populations were in danger. Now their population have become rare. Everywhere we look, everything has changed due to fullfill human needs. Without any precautions from us and if we do not start from now, nothing will be left for our next generations..

Billions more of us humans, with every person wanting more and being able to get it, have drained the seas of life.So we have a fervent hope: When our sons and daughter is growing up, we want to take them fishing and snorkeling so they can marvel at the life in the seas. When they are kids, we want them to experience fishing by themselves and take them out to clear waters filled with kelps and corals, fishes and see sea turtles. When they have come to the age we are now, and we’re all long gone, we want them to take comfort in knowing that the oceans are, once again, filled with life, as they were decades, centuries and millennia ago. And we want them to know that whatever we did in substantial measure was solely for them, and the billions of other people who need healthy oceans filled with diverse, abundant, beautiful marine life.

By loving and celebrating our nature, by protecting it and together helping our generations become a good citizen, our country is gonna be well preserved.
Determined to be the biggest part of the solution that we can be, it has inspired us to fight harder to protect and recover the oceans that we love, so that, one day, they might love them too.

~ the world is in our hand ~

Big Thanxs To:

Maxis Bridging Communites

''for making such a brilliant and innitiatives competitions''

YB Dato' Haji Faisal Bin Haji Abdullah, DIMP.,AMN.,PPN.,PJK.

''for generously sponsoring & also participating in our programme''

Cherating Sanctuary Centre

''for so supportive and helpfull in making our programme so happening''

Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Pahang

''without u guys, this might not happened''

Sekolah Menengah Sungai Baging & Sekolah Kebangsaan Cherating

''for participating & enliven our programmed''

The Legend Beach Resort & Impiana Hotel Cherating

'' for your generousity sponsoring in our programme''

Cherating Local Community


to all wonderfull person that helped,

'' in making our programme so successfull''

last words from us...

''hopefully our 1st step is not stopped here

& it will be continuosly done in future''



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