Thursday, November 1



Around 6.45 pm, all the participants including , YB Dato’ Haji Faisal Bin Abdullah, led by Tuan Haji Karim were heading to the beachside to perform the highlight of our programme event which is to release newly hatched baby turtles to the sea. 70 baby turtles is about to continue their legacy after surviving on shore. Now they gonna face another trial in life which is to grow up and survive in the sea before coming back to Cherating beachside area to lay their eggs. Hopefully, all of them will make it through and manage to come back here again.

All the participants seemed thrilled and enjoyed themselves because they actually got the chance to hold a baby turtles. It seemed as everyone were not giving any chances to the others in order to have one and release the turtles by themselves to the sea. Even though we were at the beach it seemed like we were at wet market a day before Hari Raya trying to buy chicken. Everyone were pushing each others trying to get one with Tuan Haji Karim. To make sure everyone got a chance to release the luvly little creatures, a turtles was shared by 2 or 3 persons. So everyone will get to feel the same experience..

Wow!!! Everything juz reminded me of my childhood. Seeing this thing made me wonder and thought of something. This event only happened in Cherating, Malaysia.
And because our country is an independent country, we’re free to do anything. Frankly speaking, as a project advisor in this mission, I felt everything that I’ve been given to this project were so much worth it. After all the time and effort that I’ve given to run this programme, I felt so so much joy and self satisfied seeing this happen in front of my eyes. I know it not the perfect one, but i'm so happy and gratefull to handle such a memorable event in order to preserve my heritages, which also belongs to them as well.(i hopes they didn’t take those turtles home…hehehe)

YB Dato’ Haji Faisal Bin Abdullah started the event of releasing the turtles then followed by the other participants. Deputy Director of PPAP also did not miss the chance of taking pictures with baby turtles before releasing them back to their natural habitat. It's also a new experience for backpackers that hail all the way from Nottingham, England. They felt so lucky to have arrived in Cherating today and they also had a chance to release those turtles to the sea.

The best part came from the students of Sekolah Kebangsaan Cherating. They released the turtles to the sea but then took them back to the shore then released it again. It was so clamouroused. It shows that how excited they were, for the first time in their life handling and releasing baby turtles to the sea.Then we all took pictures to be kept as memories organizing the event in here. All the participants were slowly packing their stuff and heading home. The bus was ready for them at Cherating Turtles Sanctuary parking. Led by their teachers, all the school participant safely returned home. After solat Maghrib, we started packing our stuff, checking if theres a rubbish around, cleared the tables and stacking chairs. All were nicely done by 9.00 pm.
I felt so exhausted to the max, but still its so so worth it!!!!

''see u when i see u again guys''