Wednesday, October 24

Meeting With Cherating Turtles Sanctuary Centre

Our Meeting With Cherating Turtles Sanctuary Centre Officer,
Tuan Haji Karim from Malaysian Fisheries Department
21 October 2007
10.00 am ~ 12.00 pm
Cherating Turtles Sanctuary Centre,
Kampung Cherating, Kuantan


  • Tuan Haji Karim ~ Cherating Sanctuary Officer
  • Puan Rosemawatee Abdul Kadir ~ Asst. Officer of Information & Multimedia PPAP
  • Puan Rohaida Bt Zainuddin ~ Asst. Officer Gerakan Membaca PPAP
  • Encik Harulrizam Mohamed ~ Asst Library Officer Unit Gerakan Membaca PPAP
  • Encik Hafiz Alzufri Mohd Alzufri ~ Cherating Heritages Team @ PPAP IT Unit
  • Encik Wan Khairul Anuar ~ Cherating Heritages Team @ Jakar Machineries
  • Encik Norhisham Abdul Razak ~ Cherating Heritages Team @
  • Perpustakaan Desa PNM Kampung Cherating

Meeting Agenda

  • Speech by Chairman of our meeting, Puan Rosemawatee Abdul Kadir.

  • Speech by Tuan Haji Karim, Cherating Sanctuary Centre Officer

  • Programme Objectives briefing.

  • Explanation on Programme Implementation.

  • Confirmation of Programme Comittee Members and their role in programme.

  • Programme Comittee Team Members


    En Harulrizam & En Humaizi

    Food & Beverages

    En Norhisham


    En saiful Asrahizam, En Hafiz & En Wan Khairul Anuar

    Programme Activities

    Puan Rosemawatee & Puan Rohaida

    Participant Safety

    All Programme Committee Members & Cherating Turtles Sanctuary Staff

  • Confirmation On Tentatives Programme.

  • VIP name list

  • Others.

  • Meeting Adjourned at 11.30 pm.

Meeting Pictures

- Tuan Haji Karim, Cherating Turtles Sanctuary Officer

From left:En Harulrizam, En Hafiz Alzufri & En Wan Khairul Anuar


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