Tuesday, October 23

Site Visit @ Cherating Turtles Sanctuary

Our Site Visit To Cherating Sanctuary Centre
Date ~ 21 October 2007

Time ~ 11.30am - 12.30 pm

Cherating Turtles Sanctuary Centre
KM45, Jalan Kuantan-Kemaman
26080 Kuantan Pahang Darul Makmur

Turtles Mural On Cherating Turtles Sanctuary Building

Baby Turtles Replica At Information Centre

Turtles Nest

Newly Born Turtles Before Releasing

Pn Rosemawatee & Eika with lives baby turtles

Baby Turtles

Cherating Turtles Sanctuary

Turtles Mural at Cherating Sanctuary

Turtles & Marine WildLifes Mural

Beautifull Landscape At Cherating Sanctuary

Cherating Turtles Sanctuary Information Centre

Cherating Sanctuary Beachside

Cherating Sanctuary Beautifull Beaches

A Hut For Cherating Sanctuary Staff

Cherating Sanctuary Area

The places where turtles used to come & lay their egg

Cherating Sanctuary Beach View

A Hut For Campers & Staff to Chill-Out

Camping Site For Rent ( RM30 Per Nite)

Tuan Haji Karim Showing Us Around

Turtles Nesting Area

Side view at the campers site

Briefing By the Beachside Area

The Lives Hawksbill Turtles At Cherating Sanctuary Centre

Information On Baby Turtles Newly Hatches

Olive Ridley Turtles

Ramose Murex ( Murex Ramosus)

Horned Helmet, Poulsen Triton, Noble Volute & Poisonous Molusc Species

This Reef also Endangered Due to Human Fishing Activities

A Reef Species Around Malaysian Coastal Area

The Fluffy White Florets,The Red Sea Fan & Horned Helmet

The Acropora Corals & The Brain Corals

The Button Shell, Small Whelk, The Gastropod & The Carpet Clam

The Sea Shells Species In Malaysia

The Coral Species In Malaysia

Puan Rosemawatee want to explain something i guess..

Infos On Malaysia Underwater Park

This is not Cherating Turtles Sanctuary Staff, its

Cherating Heritages Crew, En Wan Khairul Anuar. .

Informations On Turtles Habitats

Puan Rosemawatee, En Harulrizam,

Puan Rohaida & Eika ( Pn Rohaida Daughter)


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